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 Rants and Raves Rules

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PostSubject: Rants and Raves Rules   Rants and Raves Rules Icon_minitimeSun 29 Sep 2013, 22:51

All forum rules apply here. When creating a topic or making posts keep a few things in mind.

Refrain from constantly using all caps
If you want you may "shout" in caps only in your messages but not in topic titles. It gets annoying to see a board littered with nothing but unintelligible capital letters. Don't overdo caps usage though. You'll end up annoying other people instead of gaining their sympathy. (;

Excessive profanity
According to the forum rules, profanity may not be used in topic titles. However, sometimes people feel the need to express themselves using excessive profanity. In this forum posts may contain more profanity than would normally be allowed. It is up to moderator discretion if a member crosses the line not other members. Profanity used as a means of insult towards any person or group constitutes harassment.

If you don't like profanity or are uncomfortable around it, simply avoid this forum.

Posts about other members
Members may make posts to call out other members for behaviour or posting. These topics must be legitimate and may not break the forum rules concerning harassment. Threads made to name-call or say "you are a fail" are not allowed. Such threads will be deleted and the member given a warning. Don't post in a thread unless you have something specific to contribute. Think for yourself when posting in these kinds of topics. There is no need to make a post simply to agree with someone because you like them. Calling for other members to be banned is frowned upon. Don't make topics just to ask for other members to be banned. Topics that result in nothing but a flame war will be locked and members may receive warnings.

Members are not to make topics about moderators. If any member has an issue with a moderator they should PM that moderator or the admin.
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Rants and Raves Rules

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