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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeFri 27 Sep 2013, 19:53

Using these forum means you agree to the following set of rules. If the need arises for more or specific rules then they will be added in the future. It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date on all forum rules.

Primary Rules

The Primary Rules are necessary for a healthy forum. Infringing these rules will result in warnings and discipline up to and including a permanent IP ban.

Offensive Materials - Users may not post, request, or provide materials or links considered offensive in nature. This includes, but is not limited to: using sexually explicit language and imagery; using race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, or gender as a means of insult; using threatening, harassing, defamatory, hate-speech, or libelous language; and posting, requesting, or otherwise sharing material considered pornographic, obscene, graphic, or hate speech. This also includes posting NSFW materials such as links or images even if marked as such.

Illegal Activity - Users may not post, request, or provide materials, links, or information about illegal materials or activities.

Advertising - Users may not post or create topics that clearly advertise a service or product. This includes, but is not limited to: unsolicited commercial or personal web site advertisements; For-Sale/For-Trade/For-Auction/Wanted notices of real life items; "Make Money Fast" scams, chain letters, and pyramid schemes; or any referrer-ID based sites (including both games and free-item marketing sites). Users are allowed to include their web site address in a signature, request comments on their personal site in a social setting, or provide an interesting or relevant link to another site.

Harassment/Stalking/Privacy - Users may not engage in harassing behavior directed towards a certain individual or group with the intent of creating an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment with or without the use of explicit or implicit threats. This includes personal attacks and insults both in posts and in private messages. Posting contact or other private information of any person without their consent is strictly prohibited. Profanity used as a means of insult towards any person or group constitutes harassment. In-jokes and light "insults" are allowed as long as users stay within reason.

If you ever experience any kind of harassment report it to a moderator immediately. False reporting constitutes harassment of the reported party and will result in disciplinary action.

Impersonation - Users may not engage in behaviour to impersonate any other member. This includes, but is not limited to: creating and/or using a user account with a name clearly intended to impersonate, mock, or antagonise another user, or otherwise falsely claim to be another member. Trying to impersonate a moderator will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Moderation - Users may not "backseat moderate." This means users may not try to enforce the forum rules on other users. Let the moderators do their job. When it comes to a conflict between two members, regardless of their status, moderators always have the final word. If a moderator has edited your post or topic do not change the moderator's edit. Do not question a moderator's actions. Notify the admin if you feel a moderator is wrongfully using or abusing their power.

To report a post for possible infringement, click the triangle at the top right of the post. Moderators will be informed and will make a decision. False reports are prohibited and will result in a warning.

Secondary Rules

The Secondary Rules will help facilitate a nice environment for everyone. Infringing these rules will result in topics and posts being moderated. Repeated offenses will result in warnings. If the behaviour continues then disciplinary action will occur up to and including a permanent IP ban.

Spam - Users may not spam any section of the forums. Spam includes, but is not limited to: posting the same message multiple times, excessive double or triple posting, straying too far off the topic, posting topics in the wrong board, posting the same topic across multiple boards, or low effort posts such as one word posts or image only posts. It is up to the discretion of the moderators to decide when users are spamming. Necro-posting topics counts as spam.

Topics and Posts - Users may not make topics or posts filled with nonsense including, but not limited to: all caps in topic titles or posts, leet speak in topic titles or posts, topic titles designed to mislead users, nondescript topic titles, excessive and unnecessary BBCode formatting, or repeated and unnecessary editing of posts or topic titles. Note that the rule states topics and posts may not be filled with such things. It is okay to include them in your posts as long as you stay within reason.

Profanity - Users may not use profanity in topic titles. Profanity is allowed in posts but be respectful of other users. Profanity may not be used as a means of insult towards any person or group. Excessive use of profanity in posts will result in moderator action. In-jokes and light "insults" are allowed as long as users stay within reason. Continual abuse of profanity will result in discipline.

Reputation and Post Count - Users may not discuss the post count, join date, or reputation or any user with interest of being elitist.

Yellow Topic Title - Users may not use the colour yellow for topics titles. This is the official colour for forum news and announcements.
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Forum Rules

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